Thomas Field Hall: Soon to be Weather Tight

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Despite some rather wet weather recently our builders are making reasonable progress and we will soon be weather tight.  The heating installation, along with first fix electrical work is complete and screeding was completed on Wednesday afternoon.  Roof tiling was due to start yesterday and windows are due to be fitted on 12 November. 

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Thomas Field Hall: Wrapping up Warm!

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One of the major features of the building renovation is putting in insulation.  We nearly wrote ‘increasing’ but in fact, there was no insulation in the original building, which explains why it was always so cold!  So now there are thick insulation panels fixed to all the outside walls, all over the roofs and all over the floor.  We will now be wrapping up warm: the building is literally wrapped in insulation which should keep the warmth in and make the space much more comfortable to be in, especially in winter, making our energy consumption much more efficient.

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Thomas Field Hall: Ambulatory Glazing Installed

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This week a great step forward was made with the installation of the glazing to the Ambulatory. The glass was delivered on Tuesday. After a false start when the churchyard gates proved too narrow for the crane to get through, a smaller crane was brought to site and on Thursday the first panels started to be fixed into position.

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Thomas Field Hall: Ambulatory Steelwork

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The steelwork for the Ambulatory is nearly finished and painted almost completed. The lugs sticking up will carry the glass fixings which will hold the glass above the steelwork so that it will look as if it is floating. The glass is now expected to be delivered next week and then the Ambulatory will be dry and ready for the underfloor heating.

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Thomas Field Hall: Roof Slates

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The builders are doing their best to keep up the pace of work, despite setbacks and delays. The roof slates are one problem (more on them below) and another is that delivery of the glass for the Ambulatory roof has been delayed by two weeks by the manufacturers. It will not now be installed until the middle of October, which will hold up the installation of the underfloor heating.  However, there is other work which can be done to try to mitigate the delay.

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