Eucharist for St Augustine

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With apologies for the short notice, and for yet another news post from Little Gaddesden Church, you may like to know that a Eucharist for St Augustine will be broadcast from Great Gaddesden Church today at 10:00am on the Services page. A recording will then be available for the rest of the day.

Service for Wednesday 27th May 2020

10.00 amServices pageBerkhamsted Team Midweek Eucharist(JR)

The intention is that there will be further midweek services online in the weeks to come.

This broadcast will use a different system from that used on Sunday. We’re aware that some people had technical difficulties then, and we’re sorry about that. We think that we’ve identified the reasons, and although the causes of the problems that arose were beyond our control we believe that today’s arrangement should avoid them.

More details in our regular Weekly Services and Notices news post on Friday.

Week of Sunday 10th May, Easter 5

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TODAY: Friday 8th May, VE Day 75th Anniversary

10.55 amServices pageLive-streamed VE Day Anniversary Service of Celebration and Remembrance, for the Berkhamsted Team Ministry. Note 10.55 am start time to allow participation in the national two-minute silence (Revd. Joe Roberts)

The live video stream will begin shortly after 10:50 am on the Services page and the Service itself at 10.55 am.

Sunday 10th May, Easter 5

9.30 amServices pageLive-streamed Eucharist Service from Great Gaddesden Church for the Berkhamsted Team Ministry(JR)

The live video stream will begin shortly after 9.20 am on the Services page and the Eucharist itself at 9.30 am.

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