Towards Net Zero

Little Gaddesden Church is Moving Towards Net Zero Carbon Emissions

The PCC is committed to a policy of Towards Net Zero – to reducing the carbon emissions produced by Church activities and is hoping to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2030.  This is technologically possible now, but significant barriers exist to implementation not least raising the necessary finance and ensuring that the character and nature of the Church is maintained while providing a warm welcome to all who use its facilities.

Our electricity consumption is pretty much as low as it can be with low energy lighting both in the Church and the Thomas Field Hall.  What electricity is used is already carbon neutral being derived from renewable resources.  The principal source of carbon emissions is the use of our oil-fired boiler for heating and travel to the Church by cars using fossil fuel.  While modern and efficient, our boiler probably accounts for more than 80% of our carbon emissions.

To achieve net zero, much work needs to be done and the PCC has considered and supports a paper setting out an initial  plan to address the specific issues at St Peter and St Paul.   This is available below, both for browsing page-by-page and for download, and will be developed and updated to provide an agreed plan for progressive implementation.

These pages will be used to report existing consumption and our progress towards net zero and well as providing detailed information on the plan as it progresses.

If anybody has comments or suggestions, please address them to

Header Image: Karsten Würth on Unsplash