Wedding Flowers

As soon as your wedding is booked, please contact the Church Flowers organiser Anne Isherwood,, telephone 01442 842780.  Please do this whether you are planning to use your own florist, arrange your own flowers, or would like the church flower arranging team to decorate the church for you.

Wedding flowers
Wedding flower arrangements on screen and pedestals. Click for larger image.

Two pedestal arrangements must be provided and remain in the church (one by the lectern and one by the altar) for the following Sunday services. Other arrangements may be taken away after the wedding service – or left for our congregation to enjoy. Unless agreed otherwise, we ask that, save for the two pedestal arrangements, your florist clears all other flowers (and their mechanics) from the church by the Wednesday afternoon following the wedding. Please agree access with the Church Flowers organiser.

You are welcome to use our pedestals, but you are asked to supply all your own oasis and candles (if used).

No arrangements are to be placed on the floor in the aisles.

If your floral arrangements include candles these arrangements can only be placed on windowsills and the font and may only be lit by the Churchwardens. No candles, nightlights, candle lanterns or similar to be placed anywhere on the floor or altar steps.

Most suitable areas in the church may be decorated (windowsills, font, screen, porch, gate), but the hanging wrought iron candlebra in the nave are too fragile. Any floral arches must be placed outside the Church and must be freestanding structures.

Pew end arrangements must be of either the hook-over or tied on variety.

Arrangements on the screen can be placed on top and if necessary secured with florist’s tape or cable ties and florists may also use the existing side hooks on the screen.

* Absolutely no additional hooks or screws etc. to be added anywhere in or outside the church.

* No arrangements to be placed on the altar.

* If your wedding takes place during Advent or Lent you must make arrangements to have all flower arrangements (including any pedestal arrangements) removed from the church immediately after the wedding service.  Any flowers that remain will be removed to the vestry and must be collected by arrangement with the Church Flowers Organiser.

* If your wedding takes place when the church is decorated for a festival (ie. Christmas, Easter, Harvest) the floral arrangements that are in the church for that festival must be used, unless otherwise agreed.

* If two weddings are arranged for the same day, both couples will have to agree what arrangements they want and share the cost.

Photo of screen, pedestal and pew end flower arrangements for a June wedding.
Screen, pedestal and pew end flower arrangements for a June wedding.
Click for larger image.

Using Your Own Florist

We like to meet up with you and your florist in the church well in advance of the wedding day so we can discuss the ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ and acquaint them with our facilities as well as arranging access for them when needed.

To protect our Church all outside florists are required to hold adequate Public Liability Insurance and provide evidence of this if requested.

A deposit of £200 will be charged. £150 of this will be refunded in full provided that the two pedestal arrangements mentioned above are supplied. The remaining £50 will be refunded provided that any other wedding flowers (save for the two pedestal arrangements) are cleared by the Wednesday afternoon following the wedding.

Using the Church Flower Arrangers

A small team of the more experienced Church Flower arrangers would be happy to arrange wedding flowers in the church for you. 

We will consult with you as to your requirements and we take on most of the types of arrangements outlined above.

Our prices are very competitive and we will supply you with an estimate.

We order and pay for the flowers.  If you require candles these must be supplied and paid for by you.

We ask for payment at least a month in advance of the wedding date.

A basic pedestal arrangement costs from £100 depending on size and variety of flowers required.  NB. these remain in the church for the following Sunday service.

Photo of pedestal flowers
Harvest Wedding Pedestal Arrangement. Click for larger image.

You may remove any other arrangements immediately after the service if, for example, you wish to use them at the reception.

Window sill arrangements from £50

Screen (top only) from £100   Screen swags from £40 each

Pew ends from £20

NB. Out of season flowers may increase the costs.

We will clear the arrangements for you.

Photo credits: Anne Isherwood, Margaret Hunter