The Organ

Photo of church organ

The church organ was made by G.M. Holditch of London in 1870, a much respected organ builder of the 19th Century. In the words of Eric Pask, the St Albans Diocesan Organ Consultant “this little instrument is simply and soundly constructed, in musical terms extraordinarily effective for its modest size, and of especial importance because of its age and, in most respects, excellent condition”. The organ appears in the Clutton/Niland Gazetter of organs of historic significance.

It was re-voiced in 1921 by the Revd. Noel Bonavia-Hunt, one of the great organ experts of last century. It was restored by R. Crabbe, organ builder of Wing, and more recently in 2006 by V.H.M. Woodstock of Redbourn.