Thomas Field Hall: Wrapping up Warm!

One of the major features of the building renovation is putting in insulation.  We nearly wrote ‘increasing’ but in fact, there was no insulation in the original building, which explains why it was always so cold!  So now there are thick insulation panels fixed to all the outside walls, all over the roofs and all over the floor.  We will now be wrapping up warm: the building is literally wrapped in insulation which should keep the warmth in and make the space much more comfortable to be in, especially in winter, making our energy consumption much more efficient.

Photo of Building Works
Wrapping up warm with insulation

We have also, finally, had a new boiler installed for the church heating.  Not only is it bigger than the previous one, it is also reliable, so that we don’t come into a cold church because the boiler has cut out in the middle of the night.  We are also installing a remote control system to enable the heating to be turned on from anywhere, so that when the church is being used out of expected times, the heating can be turned on by a command from a smart phone.  We are already feeling the benefit of the new boiler in the warmth inside the church.  There is almost enough heat provision in the present heaters; it was the boiler failing which stopped the church from warming up.  We are looking forward to being comfortable for Christmas.

Barbara Sheard and Michael Carver