Thomas Field Hall: Pathway Lights

The pathway through the churchyard from the car park needed lighting to guide people round to the Hall front door. The floodlights light up the church and its nearer surroundings, but the churchyard is very dark in the night. However, we didn’t want too much light to be spread generally so we have had low oak posts put in with small downlights to give just little pools of light only where they need to be.  The edge of the grass had to be dug up in order to lay the underground ductwork taking the electric cable to the lights, but it will soon grass over and settle down and the daffodils will come through again.

Unfortunately it was so unrelentingly wet in the later part of the autumn that the edge of the pathway sank under the weight of the builder’s machinery. So they are cutting out the damaged areas, relaying the cracked bonded gravel and lifting the bricks back up to restore it to its original state.

Barbara Sheard and Michael Carver