Thomas Field Hall Officially Opened: We Have Finally Made it!

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Just over 15 months from the start of the building works the Thomas Field Hall was officially opened.  The ceremony was performed after a special service last Sunday, 19th September, by Bishop Michael, the Bishop of Hertford.  The church was full (by Covid standards) to hear the Bishop’s encouraging words about the achievement of the building and the future use of the Hall which he was sure will be a great asset to the whole village and provide a useful facility for many events. The formal unveiling of the commemorative plaque was followed by a bring and share buffet lunch which was much enjoyed by everyone.

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Thomas Field Hall: Waiting to Open…

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The Hall is almost finally complete and we are waiting to open the doors. But they will have to remain closed until the end of June, assuming that the COVID-19 restrictions on movement are lifted by then.  As soon as it is possible to open them we will have access via the Ambulatory door from the church and via the Front door from outside, for both church and village use.

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Thomas Field Hall: The Finishing Touches

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The finishing touches: the building is finished at last and we are now putting in the furnishings and fittings. First to go up are the curtains which make the Hall look more welcoming. We did remember to ask the builders to put in extra reinforcement in the shape of plywood behind the plasterboard so that we had something secure to screw the curtain pole brackets into without running foul of steel lintels and this has worked well. The poles are firmly supported. The curtains have been unpacked and are now finding their length.  We will fit weights in the bottoms to help them hang straight

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