Thomas Field Hall: The Finishing Touches

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The finishing touches: the building is finished at last and we are now putting in the furnishings and fittings. First to go up are the curtains which make the Hall look more welcoming. We did remember to ask the builders to put in extra reinforcement in the shape of plywood behind the plasterboard so that we had something secure to screw the curtain pole brackets into without running foul of steel lintels and this has worked well. The poles are firmly supported. The curtains have been unpacked and are now finding their length.  We will fit weights in the bottoms to help them hang straight

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Thomas Field Hall: Pathway Lights

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The pathway through the churchyard from the car park needed lighting to guide people round to the Hall front door. The floodlights light up the church and its nearer surroundings, but the churchyard is very dark in the night. However, we didn’t want too much light to be spread generally so we have had low oak posts put in with small downlights to give just little pools of light only where they need to be.  The edge of the grass had to be dug up in order to lay the underground ductwork taking the electric cable to the lights, but it will soon grass over and settle down and the daffodils will come through again.

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Thomas Field Hall: Getting On, Getting Down, Getting In

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Finally, the last excavation for the services between the Hall and the boiler house was dug, the ducts laid and buried and the piles of mud and flint in front of the Ambulatory entrance screen were cleared away. The ground was levelled and a layer of type 1 bedding laid and tamped down, ready for laying the paving stones.

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