Thomas Field Hall: Getting On, Getting Down, Getting In

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Finally, the last excavation for the services between the Hall and the boiler house was dug, the ducts laid and buried and the piles of mud and flint in front of the Ambulatory entrance screen were cleared away. The ground was levelled and a layer of type 1 bedding laid and tamped down, ready for laying the paving stones.

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Thomas Field Hall: Rain and Mud Slow Progress Down

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Work on replacing the damaged bricks in the lower courses of the old vestry walls has been proceeding very fitfully, governed by the incessant rain we have been having for the last few weeks. The brief dry spell over the Christmas break was helpful but as soon as it started to rain again the ground turned to liquid mud, which has made work impossible – despite the best efforts of the builders, who have put down boards to work off. 

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Worship in 2021

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As you may know over Christmas I made the very difficult decision to suspend public worship in our churches, with the intention of reviewing the position post-Christmas.

Unfortunately, the number of people catching Covid-19 is rising at an even more alarming rate and I have no choice but to continue to offer our services online only.

Our main act of worship will continue to be made available every Sunday from 9.30am on both the Great and Little Gaddesden Church websites for the foreseeable future. I will of course continue to monitor the situation closely and respond accordingly.

My decision, which I assure you has not been taken lightly, is based on our not only being in Tier 4 of the current Government Regulations, but also to help protect us from this horrible virus. We have many vulnerable people in our parishes and it is important that the church does not exacerbate the situation.

Please see below, as well as the Services and Coming Up pages for our online activities, and keep checking back here for updates.

I know the church communities join me in wishing you all a Happy New Year, hoping and praying that things will soon improve.

John Russell, Vicar
1 January 2021