Thomas Field Hall: Rain and Mud Slow Progress Down

Work on replacing the damaged bricks in the lower courses of the old vestry walls has been proceeding very fitfully, governed by the incessant rain we have been having for the last few weeks. The brief dry spell over the Christmas break was helpful but as soon as it started to rain again the ground turned to liquid mud, which has made work impossible – despite the best efforts of the builders, who have put down boards to work off. 

Photo of building works
Rain slows down replacing the damaged bricks in the old vestry walls

The picture shows the areas of brickwork which have been completed and these will be joined in with the very lowest courses at ground level, which are yet to be replaced.  More bricks have had to be replaced than was originally thought because as the rotten ones were cut out others next to them crumbled away too. Unfortunately they were really too soft in the first place so it will be very good to have done this work as all the walls will now be in good repair, using more appropriate bricks, and should last the next 50 years and more.

Barbara Sheard and Michael Carver