Thomas Field Hall: No Going Back!

There’s no going back now!

This past week has seen the demolition of a significant portion of the old building. The slates have been carefully removed from the roof and set aside for re-use. These have been identified as Delabole slates from Cornwall, which are quite special as they are random widths which gives the roof a lovely natural look. They and the ridge tiles have come off undamaged and we will be able to re-use all of them, which is good. The roof timbers have been removed back to the junction with the new roof.

Photo of building works of Thomas Field Hall
‘Drip down, O heavens, from above’ – the now Less-than-Waterproof Roof of the former Choir Vestry

The end wall of the choir vestry has been taken down together with part of the south wall which will form the wide door opening between Hall and the Ambulatory. The flints in the walls have been set aside and they will be re-used in the new walls so that they match the existing ones exactly.

Photo of building works of Thomas Field Hall
‘An’ de walls came a-tumblin’ down’, without involving a single trumpet.

This week the service ducts and pipework will be laid and checked as they run beneath the floor. On the design side Michael has been plotting the provision and routes of the Audio Visual cabling both from the church into the Hall and within the Hall itself so that services in the church can be seen and heard in the Hall when necessary. The kitchen layout has been completed in detail as has the lighting, and the electrical layout drawings are ready for checking.

Barbara Sheard and Michael Carver