The Eucharist for St Alban

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It was my intention to make the recording of the midweek Eucharist available this week in the usual way, on the Little Gaddesden Church website as well as our Facebook Pages. However due to a technical issue (i.e. operator error – me!) it won’t be shown, for which I apologise.

I can assure everyone that the Eucharist was offered for our Diocesan Patron saint whose day of commemoration is 22nd June. Therefore I have set out on the Services page of the website the Collect, readings, homily and prayers used in the service.

The Revd John Russell

Limited Church Opening for Private Prayer (Corrected)

Photo of open porch door of church

In line with the cautious easing of the restrictions imposed because of the coronavirus pandemic, Little Gaddesden Church will be open for private prayer from today at the following times:


*Morning opening time corrected from 10:30am to 10:00am

Please Note:

  • Access to the church is under supervision. Please help the volunteers who are supervising by doing what is requested of you.
  • There are no toilet facilities and no running water because of the building works.
  • Please use hand sanitiser on entry to and exit from the church.
  • Only allocated prayer pews are to be used. Access to the rest of the church is cordoned off.
  • No more than five visitors (including the supervisor) are to be in the church at one time.
  • Social distancing is to be observed.
  • Opening times are subject to change. Please check the Front Page of the website for any updated information.

Barbara Sheard
Michael Carver