Prayer Station at Home: The Easter Garden

Make an Easter Garden at home

1. Take a small plant pot or similar,soil, stones and a larger stone or shell. Assemble together on a tray.

Photo of Easter Garden 1

Photo of Easter Garden 2

Think about God as Creator ….. ‘in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth’, Genesis chapter 1 verse 1. But then how it all went wrong …..’ they did not keep to God’s covenant and refused to live by his law‘, Psalm 78 verse 10

2. Put moss or turf on pot, make 3 crosses from twigs tied together with string, rip ’30 pieces of silver’ from foil.

Photo of Easter Garden 3

Think of Judas’ betrayal of Jesus ‘ What will you give me if I deliver him to you? And they paid him thirty pieces of silver…. they took the thirty pieces of silver and bought a potter’s field’, Matthew chapter 26 verse 15 & chapter 27 verses 9-10. Reflect on the crosses ‘two robbers were crucified with him one on his right and one on his left’, Matthew chapter 27 verse 38

3. Assemble the crosses on the ‘ hill’, silver pieces on ground, place a piece of ‘cloth’ in ‘tomb’, ensure tomb is closed.

Photo of Easter Garden 4

God’s response to us… ‘My servant will succeed in his task….he took the place of many sinners and prayed that they might be forgiven’ Isaiah chapter 52 verse 13 and chapter 53 verse 12

Joseph wrapped the body in a clean linen cloth and laid it in his tomb….and he rolled a great stone to the door of the tomb’, Matthew chapter 26 verses 59 – 60. Think about your response to God.

4. On Easter Sunday roll away the stone, exposing the linen cloth and add flowers to the Easter garden.Give thanks to God.

Photo of Easter Garden 5

Truly this was the son of God ‘ Matthew chapter 27 verse 54, The angel said ‘he is not here for he has been raised’, Matthew chapter 28 verse 6. Alleluia !