Sung Evensong (Book of Common Prayer)

Photo of church after sunsetOur usual Sunday Evensong follows the traditional Book of Common Prayer service.  It includes a sung Magnificat, Nunc Dimittis and Psalm as well as sung Responses and traditional hymns.  This service is often conducted by one of the Readers.

About four times in the year there is an alternative form of Evensong, often following the Iona pattern.  These are advertised separately.

Lent Lunch


Lent Lunches start in the Thomas Field Hall on Friday 16th February from 12.30 – 1.30pm.  For the small sum of £7.00 (sorry we have had to increase the amount this year) you can enjoy a bowl (or two) of delicious soup, bread and cheese, fruit, tea or coffee.  Do come and chat with old friends and meet new ones.  Any surplus money (after expenses) will go to a local charity.  If you can help, please call Virginia on 01442 842428

‘Fast’ food for Lent.

Cancelled: Family Service

Family Service

This service is sometimes held on the second Sunday of the month.  It’s a simplified form of worship, aimed more especially at families and younger people, and lasts for about 45 minutes. There are traditional hymns as well as hymns for children.  Sometimes Communion, or the Eucharist, is included. There isn’t a separate Sunday School for children during the Family Service.

Refreshments are usually served afterwards, but not during the coronavirus outbreak.

Parish Communion

Parish Communion/Eucharist

A Sung Eucharist

Our most frequent Sunday morning service follows the traditional Anglican Communion, or Eucharistic, service. We have traditional hymns and the Gloria and Responses sung to the Patrick Appleford setting of the Mass in E.  The service lasts for almost an hour.  Refreshments are normally served afterwards.