Prayer Station at Home: Zacchaeus

It is understandable to feel small, in our faith, in our abilities, in what God wants from us. Perhaps Zacchaeus felt small. In fact we are told that he was small! But he wanted to see Jesus.

Read: Luke chapter 19 verses 1 -10.

Think about the story. Do you think that Zacchaeus knew that he had not always done the right thing? Perhaps climbing the tree gave him a chance to reflect on these things.

1. Gather a twig and put it in a jar with some marbles or similar.

Photo of twig tree in jar
A tree for Zacchaeus…

2. Draw and cut out a Zacchaeus shape, colour in if you wish.

Photo of cut-out for Zacchaeus
…and here he is.

3. Put the figure in the ‘tree’. Imagine it is you up there. Do you feel safe? Away from troubles, worries, decisions? What keeps you in your tree? Tell God about these things.

Photo of figure of Zaccheaus up twig tree
Zacchaeus up in the tree…

4. Now imagine that Jesus spots you and wants you to come down, but more than that, he wants to come to your house!

5. How do you feel now? Do you trust Jesus enough to come down from your tree? If so place the figure at the bottom of the tree as a sign that you are willing to accept Jesus’ help.

Photo of figure of Zacchaeus at bottom of twig tree
…and down at the bottom of the tree.

6. Pray ‘however small I sometimes feel God, I know that You can do big things in my life, when I give my life to You’

(Don’t be afraid to put yourself ‘back up your tree’ from time to time and repeat the reflection again)

So he hurried down and was happy to welcome him…for the Son of Man came to seek out and to save the lost

Luke chapter 19 verses 6 & 10