Funerals and Memorial Services

What happens when someone dies?

Pedestal flower arrangement with lilies

The role of the church can be very important for the bereaved. The Vicar and other members of the Ministry Team will always be here to help, guide and advise as well as being a listening ear.

We are here to help both with spiritual as well as practical matters.

In the first instance, you will need to contact a funeral director of your choice.

For more information please contact the Vicar.

For information about funeral/memorial service flowers, please see the Flower Arrangers page.

Forthcoming Funerals and Memorial Services

Recent Funerals and Memorial Services

Recent funerals and memorial services may still be visible in the Calendar before they are listed here.


18 January – Funeral of Gillian Mole
6 January – Funeral of Hilary Willis


23 December – Funeral of Alban Purple
23 October – Memorial Service for Julie Leonhardt
22 October – Memorial Service for Dan Graham
30 September – Interring of Ashes for Rod and Barbara Ward
2 September – Funeral of Maureen Potts
31 August – Funeral of Caroline Holborrow
8 March – Funeral of Julie Leonhardt


3 November – Funeral of Sarah Woods
20 October – Funeral of Alastair Maclean
6 October – Funeral of Arthur Wooster
14 August – Funeral of Elizabeth Eames
2 June – Funeral of Lisa Worboys
28 April – Funeral of Mike Stinton
16 March – Funeral of the Rev Brian Saunders
5 March – Memorial Service for Peggy Heron
14 January – Memorial Service for Mary Lishman
9 January – Funeral of Jean Radford


19 December – Funeral of Paul Emes
28 November – Funeral of Joan Davies
15 November – Funeral of Ralph King
24 September – Funeral of Jean Davies
30 August – Funeral of Claire Gray
20 August – Memorial Service for Jill Hancock
8 August – Funeral of Anne Consedine
20 May – Memorial Service for Margaret Sampson
1 May – Funeral of Mary Purple
25 April – Funeral of Ken Nash
18 March – Funeral of James Green

Information for Funeral and Memorial Service Guests

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