Thomas Field Hall: Completion!

Completion!  Well, Practical Completion…

Last Friday, 26th February, was a milestone. We received the keys to the Thomas Field Hall after Practical Completion was reached.

Work had started, if you remember, on the 2nd March 2020 when the site was excavated to a depth of 50cm over the area of the extension. No human remains were unearthed and all looked set to go on our proposed start date of the 23rd March – a memorable date as lockdown was imposed that day and everything stopped. A new start date was set for the 6th April.  The ground excavation couldn’t start as the contractor was having to self-isolate – a new concept for everyone.  Finally work started on the 8th June and despite difficulties and minor setbacks, 36 weeks and four days later we have achieved Practical Completion, meaning that the building work has been completed apart from a few odds and ends which will be finished off over the next week or so. 

It was 2011 when the idea of extending the vestry was first mooted. The journey has been long – negotiating permission from the Diocese and Dacorum Planning Department, appointing our professional advisors, setting going the Vestry@50 Appeal and raising a substantial sum through the very generous support of many people, selecting a builder and now, finally, the Thomas Field Hall has been realised. It is a momentous achievement. The builders have done a very nice job to a high standard of workmanship and the building now waits for its life to start. As soon as the Covid restrictions are lifted we will throw a party to celebrate and show you round.  Watch out for notices on the website and other publicity!

Barbara Sheard and Michael Carver