Thomas Field Hall: Hidden Heat

The photograph is of the manifolds which connect the underfloor heating circuits:

Photo of Building Works - Heating Manifold
The manifold glory of the underfloor heating system

As you can see, there are eight circuits. They heat every area of the Hall, Ambulatory, kitchen and WC, and they are controlled electronically. This hi-tech array will be concealed in a neat cabinet and be unknown once the Hall is open, but but it is interesting to see what will be keeping the building warm.

There is also a large heating duct in the floor next to the glazed entrance screen which will provide local heating to what could otherwise be a very cold area. The heat generated will be efficiently conserved by the layer of insulation on the floor, walls and roof so the spaces will be warmed and stay warm as efficiently as possible.

We are aiming for comfort!

Barbara Sheard and Michael Carver