Thomas Field Hall: Long Standing Repairs

The brickwork of the original vestry walls had deteriorated very badly at ground level where it met the grass, with hollowed out faces to many bricks, so repairs are necessary.

Photo of Building Works
Repairs to existing brickwork

The bricks had to be replaced, and this is now being done as we have some bricks left over from the new walls – and they match the original bricks very well. This is quite an an achievement because it is notoriously difficult to match up old bricks, in terms of colour, texture and size as they are, of course, an imperial size. About 270 are having to be cut out and renewed so it is quite a job, particularly at the moment when the ground is a mud bath, since it has rained so relentlessly. The poor bricklayers are getting very muddy, but determinedly carrying on, nevertheless.

Barbara Sheard and Michael Carver