Thomas Field Hall: The Slate Floor

The walls have been plastered and dried out and the undercoats of paint are being rolled on.  The electricians are wiring up the light fittings and outlets.  And last weekend a team of tilers worked non-stop to lay the slate on the floor of the Ambulatory, lobby, kitchen and WC. 

The slate had arrived from Brazil the week before and had been delivered almost straight from the ship! 

It was tricky to estimate the quantity of slate needed for the floor as there were a lot of cuts to be made, but in the end it turned out to be not only enough, but there was a bit left over to be returned to the suppliers. 

The builders are now linking up the final run of water, electrical and IT services and finishing off innumerable odds and ends.  The Hall floor will go down next week and the joinery will be fixed in place.  The kitchen design is finished and the units should be installed very soon.   

Barbara Sheard and Michael Carver