Thomas Field Hall: Glazing Spectacular

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The glazing to the Ambulatory has been beautifully detailed. The front door frame is behind the glass so that it is almost invisible. Our architect gave a lot of time and thought to achieve this detail and it is exquisitely minimal.  The glass canopy is held elegantly over the door by a couple of stainless steel rods and follows the slope of the roof. 

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Thomas Field Hall: The Beginning of the Endgame

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This week we can say that we’re looking at the beginning of the endgame. The windows and doors have arrived on site and are being fitted. Another casualty of Covid, the company supplying them is not able to fit them for some time and we cannot wait. Independent installers have been instructed by the builders and have nearly finished putting them in

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Week of Sunday 8th November, Remembrance

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Sunday 8th November, Remembrance

From 10.45amOnlineRemembrance Service for Little Gaddesden* will be recorded and available to view on our website from 10.45am on the morning of the 8th November.
From 11.30am**OnlineHoly Communion* – Please note, due to the latest lockdown there are now no services in church(JR)

*The service is recorded and will be made available online on the Services page.
**11:30am this week only: next week and subsequent weeks at 9:30am. Recording of bells and introit available 10 mins beforehand.

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