Thomas Field Hall: Enlarging the Doorway

The stonemasons have been working this week to take out the inner stone arch in the doorway between the church and the Ambulatory. This enlarging of the doorway will allow a higher and wider opening, and, with the new floor level being raised, a much easier access from the church to the Hall, particularly for wheelchair users.

The new stone arch on the Ambulatory side is local clunch stone freshly quarried from Totternhoe. After removing the old stone the masons found a relieving arch built into the flint wall. This gives structural support within the wall over the opening, so the stonework we see on the church side is only a facing to the flintwork, and a portion of the arch over is just a render skin to the flints! However, the new stone arch on the Ambulatory side will be reassuringly structural.

Barbara Sheard and Michael Carver