Prayer Station at Home: Psalm 100

Psalm (or song) 100 is not very long but it is packed with encouragement to try to be joyful and thankful, remembering that God does not change and is always there for us when we do feel helpless.

1. Maybe you have a cross at home? If not make one with twigs. Position it on a windowsill or where you will see it every day.

Photo of crosses on table
Crosses at home.

2. Take three pebbles and with a felt tip pen write ‘ Thank you’, on one, ‘Help’ on another, and on the last one draw a ‘smiley face’.

3. Take a pebble in turn and think of one thing for each pebble that makes you ‘thankful’, ‘joyful’, and where you feel helpless.

4. As you pray place the pebbles near the cross. God will hear your prayer. Repeat with a different prayer every day this week.

Photo of cross and pebbles on table
At the foot of the cross.

5. Do you know Psalm 100? If you do try and remember it and say it to yourself or out loud if you wish!

If you do not know it, look it up and read it through. It is a mighty psalm.

It begins ‘O be Joyful in the Lord…’