Building Work on Thomas Field Hall to Start

At long last, after weeks of delay and frustration, the latest caused by the spread of the coronavirus infection, our builders have given us notice that they intend to start the building works on Monday, 8th June. Obviously they cannot guarantee that there will not be delays either within their workforce or externally with suppliers and subcontractors, and if these happen then we will deal with them as best we can. However, they have done their best to confirm orders and set up deliveries and have worked up a programme.

If all goes well the building should be finished early in 2021. The construction work will be carried out during the summer months, which should allow ample daylight and hopefully good weather, and as the days draw in the finishing works will be mostly internal and not affected by shortening daylight hours, giving the builders the best conditions in which to work. There will be problems – there always are – but we hope that overall the project will be completed as efficiently as possible.

Further details of the Thomas Field Hall and the Vestry@50 Appeal to raise the money to build it can be found on the Vestry@50 – The Thomas Field Hall page.

Barbara Sheard and Michael Carver,