Prayer Station at Home: The Virtual Hand

Despite restrictions, a ‘can do’ approach is beneficial to well-being. Let your virtual hand guide your prayers to ‘touch’ others this week.

1. Place your hand on a sheet of paper and draw around it

Photo of drawn hand

2. Thinking of others, write the actions that would enable you to help them virtually (there are some examples here)

Photo of drawn hand with writing

3. Taking each finger at a time, pray for God’s guidance and inspiration before you plan to carry out each action

4. Write your action plans at the bottom of the page…

  • e.g.many have been clapping for the NHS and front line workers, can you show appreciation to someone you know?
  • Waving to neighbours is a way of showing you care, can you start a wave of prayer? or join a prayer group?
  • Not everyone has access to the internet. Can you telephone or text someone? do they know about freephone Daily Hope – 0800 8048044 – to hear hymns, thoughts of the day, reflections, prayers?
  • Can you create or grow a gift for someone? Can you give in any other way? How can you continue to share the Peace of Christ?

5. Continue to pray for God’s help in everything you plan to do in His name.

Let the favour of the Lord our God be upon us, and prosper the work of our hands – O prosper the work of our hands!

Psalm 90 verse 17
Photo of drawn hand with writing and statue of hand