Prayer Station at Home: Room for Prayer

Room for prayer at home

These I will bring to my Holy mountain and make them joyful in my house of prayer .. for my house shall be called a house of prayer for all peoples…

Isaiah chapter 56 verse 7.

Choose a day this week, then as you go about your daily tasks, think and pray for people and situations in different places in your home. For example…

1. When preparing and eating food- pray for all those harvesting, transporting,and selling food. Those who are struggling to provide food for their families, the work of Food Banks, for our local charities, DENS, our Farmers and all who continue to work on the land.

Photo of food preparation

2. When washing hands- pray for all key workers, front line workers, the NHS, Emergency Services, all those helping to make protective clothing,those seeking a vaccine against Coronavirus.

Photo of running tap and liquid soap

3. When catching up with news – pray for Government leaders, Church leaders connecting their parishioners,fundraisers, those in entertainment and the Arts providing a virtual service, those working from home.

Photo of chair and news media

4. When in the garden, by a window, or out in the countryside – pray for your family, all families, for home schooling, the unemployed, neighbours, communities reaching out and supporting one another, sharing what they have.

Photo of garden flowers

5. When going to bed pray for those who have no safe place, or find themselves in a strange or frightening place, the sick, the dying, those grieving, the lonely and anxious, pray for hotel schemes, for positive outcomes.

Photo of teddy bear climbing stairs

At the end of the day give it all to God.

Lord God,you will hear the prayers of the humble, you will strengthen their heart, you will incline your ear…

Psalm 10 verse 17