Prayer Station at Home: A ‘Blessings’ Jar

Make a ‘Blessings’ Jar at home

Think about the phrase ‘a blessing is a gift of God’s grace’.

1. Find a jar with a re-usable lid. Glue or tape a ‘Blessings Jar ‘or ‘Blessings’ label onto it.

Photo of blessings jar 1

2. Decorate the jar as you wish – I’ve used ribbon or elastic bands. Prepare pieces of paper, large enough to write on.

Photo of blessings jar 2

3. Place the jar, paper and pen in a place where you will spot them during the day. When passing make a note of a ‘blessing’ and pop it into the jar and say thank you to God for that ‘blessing’.

Photo of blessings jar 3

4. When you need to be reminded of your many ‘blessings’ – simply remove the papers from the jar and read through.

You will be amazed!

‘ … so that (God’s) grace as it extends to more and more people may increase thanksgiving to the glory of God’.

2 Corinthians chapter 4 verse 15

Heather Tisbury, Reader