Prayer Station at Home: Make a Paper Cross

Make a Paper Cross at Home

1. Cut 2 strips of paper 2cm wide x 30cm long and 1 strip 4mm wide x 30cm (A4 length)

Photo of materials for making paper cross

As you separate the paper think of how we were all separated from God, but God had a plan

2. On one 2cm strip measure and mark at 2cm and 10cm. Fold at each point

Photo of strips of paper

As you fold down think of how Jesus was obedient to God’s will, even to death on a cross

On the second 2cm strip fold in 8cm from each end, there will be an overlap

As you fold in, think of how God invites everyone to come to Him from the ends of the world

3. Join the two strips together by placing the open side of the bar in the fold of the upright

Photo of two paper crosses

As you join the two strips together think of how Jesus wants us to come close to him on his journey to the cross

Holding the cross pieces together take the final strip of paper and wrap around to secure, tucking the end in

As you bind, remember that in and through the cross of Jesus we are saved from sin, bound and secure in his love

John chapter 3 verse 16