New Church Website

We’re pleased to bring you the new website for Little Gaddesden Church.

The new site builds on the content of the original site, which was first launched in 2013. So, after some six years of the old site’s faithful service, it’s time for a refresh.

The new site is built using newer technology. This enables us to do some things that really weren’t possible previously – at least not without a huge amount of effort and a full-time professional web development team on tap. Some highlights of the new site are these (click on the links to see them):

  • The News Page. This news item that you’re reading now is one of a series of news items that will be published periodically. You can subscribe (at no cost) to receive news items by email as soon as they’re published. We have started with a weekly summary of the services in the coming week and the parish notices that apply to Little Gaddesden. In addition, there will be other news items as events and other issues arise. We’ll try to strike the right balance between having content that is relevant, interesting and timely on the one hand and not too much of a chore to produce on the other.
  • The Calendar. This appears in various forms throughout the website. The Coming Up page will probably be one of the most popular views. It lists all the events that are happening in the next few days. Then there are various ‘filtered’ views, which show only particular types of events. They might be Services, Bellringers‘ events, Choir events or Social events, for example. The most comprehensive view is on the Calendar page, which shows all events in a monthly view – unless you choose to change the way it looks on your screen.
  • The How to Find Us page has interactive maps, comprehensive directions and other useful information for visitors. It even shows the current and forecast Weather!
  • The Church History and Tour page has an internal 360° panorama view of the church with hotspots linked to features of interest.

More generally, the new site is a lot easier to update than the old one. So as new things need to be included or old ones changed, it should be less burdensome than it used to. And different people will be able to have access to the ‘behind the scenes’ part of the website to make permitted changes.

Please have a look around and try out the various interactive features. We hope you’ll find it fairly straightforward to navigate your way around and easy to find what you want.

As it’s a new site, there will inevitably be glitches. If you find any typos, broken links, idiocies or things that just don’t look right or work the way you would expect, do please let us know – preferably by email to

Andrew Sheard
Peter Leonhardt